​Next-generation love doll made of silicon

160cm S3 J8
160cm S3 J3
160cm S5 J6
160cm S3 J7
160cm S3 J5
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Different from traditional Silicon Dolls, different from TPE Dolls Next-generation Silicone Love Dolls Some popular doll brands also lacked realism because their waists were too thin, but Siliko Doll faithfully reproduces even the thickness of the stomach. And I forget even the doll.The TPE product is vulnerable to deterioration and always smells because of the manufacturing process, but since silicon can be manufactured indoors at room temperature, it does not smell. Although it was glossy and firm, Siliko Doll has a unique special manufacturing method that eliminates the luster of silicon and adopts the popular EVO skeleton to reproduce realistic movements forever.